Garden & Landscaping


When designing a garden you should always choose a style that complements or reflects the style of the house


We implement modern design concepts using indigenous plant material which will serve to attract wildlife to your garden, help sustain the vast variety of South Africa’s flora, and provide a sensory appealing garden for you to enjoy


Landscaping ideas can bring practical elements, enhancing spaces and solving problems once you have your plants picked out. We have strategies and ideas for garden landscaping to tackle nearly every size and shape of yard. We also have landscape solutions to some of the most common troubling backyard dilemmas.


Our experienced teams of Landscapers operate to install and improve residential, commercial and industrial landscapes and gardens. Landscaping is a dynamic practice, and we strive to offer our clients the best possible service through continually training our staff, keeping up to date with industry developments and trends, and ensuring the best quality materials are used.


Where appropriate, we like to include our clients in the whole process of the Landscaping Experience, from the initial concept and plan, through installation and completion, to management and the ongoing establishment and evolution of the garden.



Environmental responsibility is at the core of our company ethos, and with every project we undertake we aim to improve the local natural biodiversity, eradicate any vegetation that is not ecologically appropriate, and create gardens that are both beautiful and environmentally sustainable.